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With trophi.ai as your dedicated AI gaming coach, you’ll get better faster and have more fun playing the games you love.

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Gaming Companion

Imagine having the world’s best players by your side, giving you feedback and guidance as you play, pointing out mistakes as you make them, and providing timely adjustments that push you forward. They speak at your skill level and adapt to your learning style. Now, imagine they’re available anytime you need help, and every time you play.

That’s trophi.ai, your ultimate gaming companion.

Reach the Podium in Sim Racing

Crush your limits with our custom programs built for you by our groundbreaking AI. It adjusts to your driving style to help you find and keep the ultimate pace.

  • Live on Track AI Coaching

    Navigate the track with in-game overlays and voice-guided advice from Mansell AI, your very own voice coach. With performance feedback streamed live to your cockpit, you can work on your technique while you drive, and get better with every lap.

  • Post Session AI Feedback

    Know exactly what techniques to focus on next after each race and practice session.

  • Mistake Analyzer

    What mistakes are costing you the most time? Overlooked issues can cost you critical lap time. With trophi.ai, you'll see clearly what you did wrong and what you need to work on next.

  • Programs and Courses Selected for You

    Our AI analyzes billions of telemetry data points from you, your peers, and the pros to develop programs based on your true skill level. Adaptive learning strategies evolve with you, ensuring you're always at your peak.

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"We've spent years coaching 1000's of drivers from the sim to F1. We've taken all that knowledge and created an app that interactively teaches you how to actually unlock your ultimate pace."

You're on the Brink of Rapid Improvement

Achieve your gaming goals faster with trophi.ai. With over 100,000 coaching sessions delivered, gains aren't just possible—they're expected. Your next big leap is just a sign-up away.

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Rise Through the Ranks in Rocket League

A whole new way to improve in Rocket League. trophi.ai has made learning even the most complicated concepts and mechanics fun, simple, and easy.

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  • Interactive Mechanic Training

    With real-time feedback and analysis, you can work on your mechanics while you play, and save hours of watching videos and guessing what you’re doing wrong.

  • AI Post Match Analysis

    A complete report post match to help you understand where to focus and how to improve for your next sessions.

  • Learning Paths for Your Rank

    Structured learning paths teach you everything you need to reach the next rank.

  • Interactive Training Guides Designed by the Pros

    Live training and interactive videos help you master techniques and tactics quickly.

Champions Made Here

Gains are meant to be shared. Here’s how our users are crushing it.

"I came from 10th to 2nd and gained .71 on my best lap. Not bad for about 20 minutes in trophi.ai."


"4 races at Oulton Park Porsche Cup — 4th, 2nd, 1st, 1st + 1.2 seconds faster than ever before."


"The sound cues have been phenomenal in me memorizing my brake zones. It's insane."


"WOW!!!!! 20 minutes of practice at Barcelona gained me over a second!"


“Gained over 200 iR this week.”


"Ran the BMW M4 GT3 at Road Atlanta. Knocked a second off my time right away and ran more consistent laps."


"Wow. I gained 7/10ths in T1 at Hungaroring in the F4 in 5laps using the interactive brake tool."


Built on the Revolutionary trophi.ai Platform

The Future of AI Skill Coaching

Imagine a world where anyone, anywhere, can access the best coaching experiences, tailored to their unique journey—this is the world trophi.ai is creating. Our journey begins in gaming, but our ambition is vast: to revolutionize the way skills are honed and goals are pursued across any field. From mastering motorsport to expertly navigating a tank, our AI-driven platform is not just an enhancement—it's a complete reinvention of the coaching experience.

For business inquiries, reach out to contact@trophi.ai